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We have invested in Children's Hospital Colorado to support their reconstructive surgery program and enable them to help families and patients in need. Primarily we are focused on:

Support local families with financial support to ensure their child gets the care that they need to recover fully and live a normal life.

Pursuing key clinical research to discover new groundbreaking insights and treatment options for these issues. 

Increase the local awareness of treatment options available among both patients and providers alike.


Third world countries, like Guatemala simply do not provide the much needed reconstructive care that children need. Therefore, we are focused on enhancing care internationally by:

Increasing the number of outreach trips to Guatemala to provide Microtia repair to more children, in collaboration with Children's Hospital Colorado.

Increasing the awareness to the availability of treatment options within Guatemala. 

Enhance local physician's expertise by bringing them on outreach trips where many of the same operations are performed in a single trip.

There is much work to be done and many kids that need our help, but this is just the beginning.
In the meantime we will work one face at a time, one ear at a time, one child at a time to give them their lives back. We hope you will join us in this cause
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