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"This is about allowing children to smile again. It's about giving children new ears. It's about restoring a child's face after a tumor was removed. It's about letting kids get back to their lives again."
-John Lester


In the world of reconstruction,

not all care is equal.

In the vast ocean of medicine there are areas in reconstructive care that have perpetually been underfunded, overlooked and understaffed. Much of this is due to socioeconomic pressures, a deficiency of highly-trained medical providers and a lack of medical awareness among patients and providers alike.

The unfortunate truth, is this translates to poor care, little to no access internationally, and a deprioritization of these highly specialized fields. 

The ones that suffer are the children needing this care, especially children who are underprivileged and their families have no means to pay for these services.


We are here to change that.

We focus on one simple concept - excellence.

By focusing on key specialties and targeting activities that need the support most, we can maximize our impact and will give back children the thing they deserve most - excellent care. 

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