"This is about allowing children to smile again. It's about giving children new ears. It's about restoring a child's face after a tumor was removed. It's about letting kids get back to their lives again."
-John Lester


We are focused on supporting two main specialties –
Complex Microvascular Operations and Ear Reconstruction.


These are two highly specialized fields that do not receive a lot of attention in the philanthropic community. These procedures can be rare, yet require the skill of an artist and surgeon to be done well. 



Complex Microvascular Operations encompass a field that requires highly specialized skill to reconstruct a patient's particular issue using skin, muscle, and sometimes bone from another part of the patient's body. We focus primarily on deformities of the head caused from birth defect, trauma or diseases like cancer


Ear Reconstruction describes a spectrum of operations that can be performed to restore or reconstruct a child's ear to its typical anatomy. One of the major deformities we focus on is Microtia, where the child is born with one or both ears underdeveloped.

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